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Guest Portraits

Invest in Elegance

Your wedding will bring together loved ones from wide and far. It's time to ditch the automated photo booth for an experience that engages your guest and captures enduring portraits. We wrap it all up in a timeless guestbook complete with hand written notes from those in attendance. 


Artisan Portraits


This package includes a dedicated portrait photographer with everything needed to deploy a professional studio at your wedding venue. The photographer will be available to take your guest's portraits for one and a half hours either during your reception or cocktail hour. Your shareable digital images will be delivered online within 2 days. In addition, your custom made guestbook will arrive within a month of your wedding day.


Guest Portraits in a Photo Booth World

Our clients often inquire about what separates an Oak and Willow Guest Portrait session from the automated photo booths commonly found at weddings today. The key difference is guest engagement. Photo booths are fun, but they require a certain amount of motivation from your guests to engage with. We have found that many guests, especially those who are older or who have physical limitation are often intimidated by photo booths. The goal of our Guest Portrait sessions is to make the process elegant and easy. Your guests will feel welcome and enjoy the departure from the stale and cold photo booths of the past. 

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