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Live Streaming

Broadcast your love!

We highly recommend live streaming in these uncertain times. For most of our couples, the live streaming package can be cost-justified if you expect any more than 15 people to virtually attend! 


Ceremony Streaming


This package includes 2-3 static live video angles from studio quality production cameras, a pro-grade live switcher, and a person to operate it. We can even set a slideshow to music for your attendees to watch while they wait. If you have an audio professional for the ceremony, we can pipe in their mix to the stream. We also provide a wireless audio source in case you don't have an audio pro on-site.


Upgrade your stream!


The premium live stream upgrade includes multiple camera operators for live repositioning of the cameras throughout the ceremony and wireless transmitters for each camera. This enables far more flexibility in the scope of the video angles our team can choose from due to the lack of wires. We will also capture a recording of this live stream and make it available the following day.

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