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Oak & Willow Story

Oak and Willow weddings (O&W) started first and foremost with creating video masterpieces. In 2016, O&W was founded by Travis Preston and Matthew Bish. Coming together they hoped to capture couple's most special day with the knowledge and talent they had obtained from the film industry rising in Atlanta, GA. They teamed up for years creating wedding films. In 2019, Travis had to move on to some other unique opportunities. He left O&W to Matthew. 

Matthew and Kaleigh started dating in 2017 and Kaleigh quickly joined the team assisting at every wedding. The two got married themselves November 2021! After adding photography to O&W in January 2021, they now lead teams to create artisan wedding films and capturing special moments around Georgia and beyond. 

We just went through the struggle of finding the right photography and video teams to film our wedding day! It is not easy; we understand! You want quality that will last. After our wedding, the only things to remember our day by (besides a few little momentos) are the photos and video. Our films and photos capture your day down to the smallest detail so you can relive it over and over again forever. 


We love traveling together and seeing the world! Some cool places we've been are Iceland, Singapore, Patagonia, Cambodia, Puerto Vallarta, and Barcelona.

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Matthew Bish



Kaleigh Bish

"If you don't find me with a camera in my hand then I'm on a horse!"